Wednesday, 2 November 2011


How exciting... I've been given permission to give you a sneaky peek of the Martha Stewart TSV, on this Thursday 3rd November at midnight, 12 noon, 3pm and 7pm.
So there's surely one you'll be able to catch !!
It's a NEW punch with NEW designs that's ONLY available through QVC !!
The lovely Alex Peruzzi is demonstrating this fabbi TSV
It's a set of 3 punches at an amazing value :) :) With a brand new technique, never before seen in the UK.
On top of that there's also an auto delivery option, which means you can be the first to get even more designs in 2012, that you won't be able to get anywhere else. 
What a lovely christmas gift to yourself that will be.... Go on on spoil yourself.... you deserve it !!

So tune in at midnight, 12 noon, 3pm and 7pm
Marion xx


Sandie said...

Wow! That looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Soo said...

Tuned in to the 8am show - resisted for about 30 seconds! I really like the first set, and I'm a sucker for a snowflake and the second set is stunning ... well they all are really. :)