Saturday, 10 September 2011


OMG... at last.... finally the TRENDS MAGS are HERE !!!!
We've received SCRAP TRENDS, CARD TRENDS, CREATE, HANDMADE and CRICUT. We already have a list of people wanting these, so if you want to go on the list you must contact me so I can put you in the book. We have some available immediately, they are £10.99 each or if you subscribe for 3 issues of the same mag, then the price comes down to £9.99 an issue, payable at time of ordering.
If you're not familiar with these Mags, first off I shouldn't call them mags as really they are books, I still have some dating back to 2002. I just can't bring myself to throwing them away, I still refer to them for inspo. I love them !!!
They are from the States and alongside Creating Keepsakes, they are one of the BEST mags out there, in Sugar and Spice's opinion anyway !!! 
Come and have a look and see for yourselves, and YES we will be taking them to Ally Pally :) :) 
Anyhoo's had loads more deliveries so I need to get my finger out and unpack, got loads more NEW papers, haven't got a clue where we're going to put them, we may take to wearing rain macs and flash them on the insides (something for the weekend madam) !!!
So don't forget and let me know if you want any.
Marion xx

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catherine13 said...

Yay!!! Can't wait...will be into the shop asap to collect mine:)