Thursday, 3 February 2011


Oh well all good things must come to an end...
The sun has shone, we managed FOUR trips to the cheesecake factory and no it doesn't just sell cheesecake!!!
Our second from last trip was with Kirsty,Amanda and Simon, Kirsty decided on one of the small burgers

Gosh... She's gonna kill me for that!!!
Although we mainly go in there for the main course meals (YUMMY) they are pretty damn good at cheesecake (as the name would imply), these are the 3 that Kirsty ordered ...

But she did let us share....thanks Kirsty.
While we were at Fairfax we saw Mario Lopez being interviewed (saved by the bell) if you remember that, then you're showing your age!!!
Then we went on to Laguna Beach.... Well what can I say .... STUNNING

Albeit empty!!! If you look closely me and rick are in a dinghy in the far distance... I wish!!!! (OK, admit it, who looked ?)
Looking forward to getting back home although not looking forward to the cold weather and the 11 hour flight... Hey ho !!
Marion xxx
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little amanda 7609 said...

Oh the Cheesecake Factory.......please just let me drool. They make the yummiest of cheesecakes, if you have ever seen the calorie count on those just take it as a one off (last one I ate was over 1000 calories a slice)

Christine said...

I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Washington once - fond calorific memories! :-)

Christine L said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOO jealous!
Christine x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you cheeky car! What you like?!!!
bloody good night though xx