Saturday, 23 January 2010

Storing your stamps

How do you store your clear stamps?  Well up until very recently, mine were stored in a pocket in my tote but as they keep multiplying (hhmmm, wonder how they do that?! ;-) ) I began to have a bit of a problem.  I wanted something that would enable me to store them in their sets, so I thought I would have a go at making a book with laminated inserts in which I can store all my clear stamp sets.  Here is the finished book:

It's really quick and easy to make something similar, I began by making a couple of inserts for my book so I had an idea of how big I should make the covers.  I cut a 5.5" length by 5" width piece of white card and stamped one of my stamp sets directly onto the card using black versafine ink.  I then punched out a tab and glued it to the side of the sheet so I can write the name of the stamp set on it for easy reference.  I then used a laminator to laminate my stamped card and cut around the edges.  I can then place my stamps onto the reverse side of the sheet and they cling to it like magic :-)

I then made my covers which are all made from scraps - I used the cardboard box my scrapbooking supplies often arrive in to form the base, covering them in cardstock to strengthen.  For my cover I used two cardstock offcuts and remanents of patterned papers from other projects to decorate.  I wanted to keep my cover quite basic and make sure it was durable to withstand the elements i.e. being carried about in my stash bag!, so I cut out an accent from one of the patterned papers and laminated this before sticking my alphas onto it.  To finish I used my crop-a-dile to punch holes and eyelet set as I decided to go with ring binders to bind my book, as then I can adjust the size as I (inevitably!) add more and more stamps to my book.

Thanks for looking,
big smiles,
Nic xo


Nina said...

Love it Nic! Even though I would need about 10 to get all mine in books!

LYN said...

i think that is a really good idea Nic. Am going to do this (when i get some time)Lyn Osborne

Sparkly Pink Star said...

what a great idea!

Samantha Maddin said...

This is really cool, I wish I'd seen it before I bought something to store them in. Great idea!