Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hi everyone, how exciting it's nearly christmas and I'm in my usual chaotically organised state.

Here's a little card I made today, it's a 'thinking of you' card for a husband of a dear friend, who has been in hospital.

I personally find cards for men sometimes a bit daunting and today I used a dreaded topper, (but sometimes it soooooo needs to be done).

By stamping a boarder the plain white card is transformed and adds a more personal touch, and finally this lovely thinking of you stamp is from a fab sugar and spice stamp set called Happy Birthday Flowers.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy christmas and a fab crafting new year

Bye for now P x


Jayne said...

Love this card Paula. I'm with you on this one, it can be hard to make a male card without the help of a maufactured item. It s what you do with it that make it either look classy or naff. This is classy. I like it.


Nic said...

I agree, so hard to make male cards - this looks great x