Monday, 5 October 2009


Don't know what happened there girls.....But I didn't post the Frankfurt Market thingy !!! Although I'm sure it's a wonderful place to go.....So sorry about that, must be a glitch in the machine.....or someone's HACKING....shame on you - I'm sure there's better things to hack than our little Blog !!!
Whilst I'm here, I may as well give you a few words - seeing as I don't get on here much.
At 45 I'm really feeling my age after doing two weekend shows on the trot. Alley Pally - Simply blinding - as always a fantastic show - I hope Polly and Jayne's feet have come back to their normal size and no longer resemble blown up Marigold Gloves !!! Artisan - I wouldn't call it blinding but it was lovely, we really had a giggle and I met some gorgeous peeps, including the most talented girlie by the name of LISA OLSON, she makes the most STUNNING felt bags - yes girlies I said FELT BAGS with gorgeous FELT FLOWERS. I do believe she takes orders AND she's LOVELY - here's her blog -
and the Craft Bug girls were great - but the funniest one there was one of the Glitter Girls (sorry didn't get here name) just had some great banter with her - she was hilarious !!!
We stayed in Warwick - what a beautiful place, had a miniature version of Maggie Thatcher as our landlady and had some great meals out - all in all a good weekend.
The Sugar and Spice stamps sold really well - Yay!!! Sorry still haven't got the new ones on the website - think I'm going to have to order more !!!. I've got to get me head down and design an all day card class - I know, I know I hear you!!! But before that takes place we've got the FREE MAKE AND TAKE on 31st October, don't forget to join us and have some fun!!! See you there.
Hope you're enjoying all the design ideas on the blog, I think you'll agree the girls are doing a GRAND job !!!
Take care
Marion xxx

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