Sunday, 23 August 2009

Raising the flag...........

Evening blogland!
My creation this week is a little project that I have made many times for myself, others and taught many ladies ( and one bloke!) in a class. Its a flag book. Now these are wonderful if you have loads of photos from one subject or one event, like me in this instance. Me and my family went to Longleat for a couple of days this summer holiday and I took 329 photos! Not that you can fit 329 photos in a flag book but you can fit a Maximum of 64 photos.

Now in Sugar and Spice we sell these fabby books in kit form. So yes you still have to make it with your own fair hands but we have taken some of the hard work away, like choosing the matching papers and supplying the instructions. These kits are £7.99 - cool huh?!

It add a little bit of yum I used the 'Happy' and 'Smile' stamp from my favourite Sugar and Spice stamps - Scribble Flowers and the Alphabet stamps too.

Hope you enjoyed!

Love and Bugs



Samantha Maddin said...

What a great way to document a whole events worth of photos. Lovely.

Jayne said...

Nina I love these Flag Books. I have made two; both in class with you. I love them. The perfic way to store 2 x 3 pics.

Nic said...

Oh wow, I've not seen these flag books before - what a good idea and they look amazing. I will have to get one of the kits after my hols - such a great way to store all the photos!

MARION said...

Flag books rule!!! love the front cover paper you've used so perfect for you day out.

Paula P said...

Love it love it love out looked good too!!!!!!!!!

Fairyqueen said...

ooohhh FAB!!!! Never seen those before, I think a visit this weekend is in order!!!!!!! Great way to show off your photos!

Nicki said...

This is just amazing! ive seen somehting like it before, but WOW! must have taken ages?
its brill