Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Oh Those Eye's

My niece Laura, has beautiful almond shaped eye's, that she is learning to use on us her family to get just what she wants. So what a lovely tool to use as the subject for my little square book. I used the Fancy Flourishes and Clear Alphabet stamps from the Sugar and Spice clear stamps range.
2 x 3.5" pieces of card, covered with contrasting papers, 3 ribbon hinges and punched holes threaded with the same ribbon tied in a bow forms the fastening.
The surprise is when you open it. A pretty little pop-up book.
This was inspired by a little book that I saw whilst on holiday in Suffolk.

Embellishments glued to one side of the crease float as you open and close the book.
Open the book fully and tie the covers together and it forms a pretty little square ornament for the coffee table.
The pages are quite easy. A 12 x 12 heavy paper cut into 4 6 x6 squares. Each square is then folded in half on the vertical and horizontal. The only difficult bit is to decide on the pattern of your card, ensuring that you make the cut and fold in the right place so that the pattern flows around the book.

Make a cut 3" into the centre of the square.
Turn the paper over and fold diagonally, open the fold and turn the paper back over.
With the two whole unfolded squares to the top and the diagonal fold to the bottom, bring the right hand top square over and fold the bottom right hand square behind it and adhere with double sided tape.
Repeat so that all 4 6 x 6 pieces are folded the same. These four pages are then stuck together.
When you then adhere these to the cover, you line them up along the centre spine and bottom edge, leaving a 1/2" border around the top and outside edge. Thus when finished and the book is fully open, it will stand unaided.

I hope you like this little book. Have a go. This was designed around beautiful eye's, so a pretty book. But what about a Halloween book with flying bats on the creases. You could use the pixie glitters Sugar and Spice have on sale. Actually I think I'll have a go meself.


Nina said...

Lovely little project Jayne. x

MARION said...

Oooh loving the idea of a halloween one and crimbo and easter and birthday and fathers day and ........

Nic said...

Beautiful little book Jayne - love the way it all unfolds :)

Fairyqueen said...

ooohhh this is fab! So different! I agree with Marion you could make some for every occasion!


Nicki said...

this is sooo pretty! and a lovely idea too

LYN said...

well done clever clogs, why don't i have your imagination. Lovely book...need to think of a suitable theme other than the usual Christmas, birthday etc. i think this warrants something a 'bit different' like wot you have done. lol.