Tuesday, 23 June 2009


What a lovely surprise I had today.
After receiving a few deliveries of Yummy New Goodies, another little delivery guy comes trotting in holding a rather large package. After confirming that I am the recipient he puts down the package, I sign and he leaves. It's funny, because I just look at the package thinking "oooh what can that be and who from" INSTEAD of just opening it and finding out straight a way!!! why do we do that?....Anyway, When I DID open it I was greeted with 12 GORGEOUS looking muffins.

I know, I know there's only 11 in the photo, but I had to try one...just to check they were real. OK I know you're not buying that, but I'm sticking to it!!
Anyway a great big THANK YOU goes to JANET and MILLIE, it was a real pleasure working with MILLIE, she's such a sweetie.
Big hugs xxx


Nicki said...

i can understand why you had to try one... ya have to, its a must! they look sooooooooooo yummy! enjoy!

Samantha Maddin said...

It would have been rude not to wouldn't it?

See you Saturday :)

Jayne said...

I was straight over to the shop to taste one befoe they went. Yummy. The orange and chocolate chip was ummmmmmmmmmmmm so good :)

Tinkerbelle said...

Wow, the greatest little size... they say the best things come in small packages!!! (well they may be hope for me yet with my man!!!!)
Thank you for last week, was really good to see you... but i forgot to pick up the bok i cam in for... will you find it again and place it somewhere safe for me xxx I will pop in this week xxx