Monday, 22 June 2009


Yes it's that time of the month that I get together with my friend and shopping confidant Lyn. This time we hit Bluewater and what a lovely day we had, obviously it included purchasing pretty things and eating tasty things.
As usual the tasty things included GARLIC BREAD and the pretty things included SHOES..and with a HEEL....ooh get me! After treking around for 6 hours and picking out bits and pieces our last stop was M & S....
In my search for a particular item of clothing I went upto a lady and asked her if this was the only floor that womenswear was on, she looked at me quizically and said "Uh" I repeated the question and she replied "toilets ? over there" So I asked the question one more time, saying it very slowly, and this time she understood me and replied "Yes, only this floor", "Thank -you" I replied, to which she replied "I don't work here, but your welcome". After being mortified, we couldn't stop laughing to the extent that we were getting some really funny looks. Hey Ho, that sort of sums up our days out.
This weeks going to be a busy one, getting things sorted for the BANANA FROG DAY. We've also decided to do a FREE MAKE AND TAKE DAY on SATURDAY 27th JUNE, I'll be sending a newsletter out about it so if your registered check your inbox.


Fairyqueen said...

oh Marion I wish I could have seen that!!!

Paula P said...

Marion was cucumber not on the menu today

Nicki said...

This made me chuckle lots! can see ya now, id have lost the plot too! glad you enjoyed your shoppping trip... and what was it you had for lunch? hmmm as Paula said... cucumber? lol
take care mate

Alex said...

Oh how funny about the M&S situation Marion! I think we've all done that before :blush:

Glad to hear that you had some successful retail therapy.

Bye for now,

Alex x