Saturday, 2 May 2009


Today I taught for the first time in what seemed like absolutely ages.
We made this lovely Mini Tag Album, full of summer colours and just absolutely gorgeous, it was perfect as the sun was shining and the music was playing from the live bands on the green at the front of the shop, we had a real giggle in the class, obviously it wasn't me that was doing all the talking, that would be Janet and Sara, I just did a LOT of laughing, at the end of the class we all felt like we'd had a face lift - ha, who needs Botox !!! Nina worked like a looney this afternoon, where did all those people come from ?? well done hun!!!After having such a great day today, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the weekend, I hope the woman who was still singing at 6 o'clock this evening over there is back again tomorrow, she was really good!!
I've got a really BUSY week ahead, Tuesday we take delivery of the new stuff from the States, Oh boy I don't know if I can wait that long, then we have a mini craft fair that we are doing locally, then I have an all dayer teaching 12 on Sunday, the only problem there is, that I'll be dead on my feet, as by then I'll have worked 13 days on the trot - honestly you'd think I'd be a size 8 by now !!! I'll do my best to stay awake ladies, I may just hand out class notes. :)
Don't know if I mentioned, but there's a music festival on all weekend, inc. Monday, at Barleylands, so if you fancy chillin' out and just kickin' back pop on over and just relax.
Have a great weekend EVERYONE

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