Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Or wether the weather be cold, we've got something to brighten your may be a bit dull and GREY out there at the mo.....

Soooo, how about a splash of COLOUR and FUN....

These are sure to BRIGHTEN your day, as well as your layouts.

Now as some of you know my "BABY" has grown up and it was his Prom on Saturday night (Luke's the one on the right)

He had a fantastic night returning home at 4.45 AM, quite sober, I might add !!!
I would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the twelve lovely ladies I was teaching on Saturday (all day, poor souls)!!!, I started the class off with an apology, that I was going to have to leave early, and that hopefully we would all finish the class together....well, work they did, like the clappers!!! THANK YOU, it meant I was able to stay with you 'till the end AND be with Luke for his photo's.
Talking of classes.....Polly has now released her all day journalling and layout class and oh boy! it's a good 'un. check out the 28th June and if you're not doing anything, you may want to spend the day with us!!!


Nicki said...

Love barleylands in grey! lol and love the colours in the shop... got more new goodies? might have to have a mozey on down!!!
Glad he enjoyed his prom, mine has his next year! gulp! dont they grow up quick? the boys look really lovely tho.
Take care

ann said...

I agree with Nicki, barleylands does look good in grey.

ann said...

I agree with Nicki, Barleylands does look good in grey!