Friday, 22 May 2009


What a gorgeous day it was today. My lovely mum gave me the day off today and as Ricky was off as well, we decided to take Tyson (our chocolate labrador) to Thorndon Country Park, and lovely it was too, that was until Ty decided to get in the water with the ducks, not realising there was quite a steep ledge and he couldn't get out...

I must be wicked as I asked Rick to wait on his rescue until I'd taken a shot ...A true scrapper I'd say!!!

....And rescue him he did, at which point he called to me to get out of the way, as what do dogs do on exit from water....that's right ...SHAKE !!! and boy did he SHAKE, we were covered in dirty muddy water!! He soon got over his little trauma and was off running around like a looney...

Does this take you back to your childhood...days of just playing in the fields for hours, while mum was cooking the dinner, and there we were checking if we liked butter or not....BUTTERCUPS...don't you just love them !!

Today was also the end of an was the day that my "baby" left school, for those of you that don't know Luke his 16 and 5ft 10, but he's still my baby, needless to say he was rather happy about it.
And lastly, before you fall asleep, a couple of the NEW CLEAR STAMP DESIGNS from SUGAR AND SPICE have been delivered and I had a quick and I mean really quick play yesterday, here's a little taster of what you can do using the "Happy Birthday With a Cherry On Top" Set, if you're LUCKY/TALENTED enough to get on our Design Team, you may even get this set sent to you to play with.

Hve a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend EVERYONE xxx


Lee said...

My baby thought she was leaving School today too, but the mean head is making them come back full time for 2 weeks after the Holiday, aaahhh poor baby LOL x

Nicki said...

looks like you had fun? good way of getting the dog washed aint it?
Gotta give mine a wash... think i may take over to the park? lol
gonna have a peek at the new stuff in the shop and when i get a chance i will pop in... been sooo busy!
hope you and all are well?