Sunday, 5 April 2009


Do you ever wish you had a power that could make time stand still??? I do!!! The days are whizzing by so quickly, things have been so busy and I just can't fit it all in!!! But fit it in I must...we have Ally Pally approaching FAST and we've been packing boxes like there's no tomorrow, Oh I do miss Maggie, she worked like a military operation, I on the other hand am so useless at being organised. We've been making up samples for the show, to get you all inspired, along with designing the MAY CLASSES, I've even designed a couple more stamp sets, just in time for the show, Yay!!! Then to top it all, Myself, Polly and Nina are doing an NVQ each - yeah, THANKS SARA!!!! Myself and Polly had our tests on Friday - if you're a young person reading this - listen to me when I say STUDY HARD AT SCHOOL, as when you take a test at the age of 45 you'll be glad you did!!! actually the results were pretty good, but I did think why am I putting myself through this??? but we did have a giggle at our own incompetence, I mean tell me, when am I really going to need to know that the diagnotsic ratio of sheet metal is 0.000012, or something like that!!!! See I can't even remember!!!
Poor Nina had a house of ILLNESS last week and now she's got it, but she worked through yesterday, like a trooper, much to the pleasure of her ladies on the beginners course. Get well soon.
Polly's got her Family Tree Layout Class this morning, Enjoy it ladies!!! as this is the third time we've done this class now and we've got so many more NEW DESIGNS to share with you, that I doubt it'll be repeated again.
Adrienne, fabi and Rachel went to a retreat this weekend, hope you had a GREAT time girls and your back held out Adrienne.

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Tinkerbelle said...

Hello, thought I would pop by and say hi... hope your all well, sounds like it is all systems go go go xxxx Will be good to see you at Ali Pali xxx Hugs xxx