Monday, 27 April 2009


It's funny how you go through life thinking you have found your true friends, only to find out that there are a lot of shallow people out there who want to be your friend because it suits them and that they are not really your friend at all, it's funny how they always play the victim. But a TRUE friend treats you with respect and is there for you......So today I grasped one of my TRUE friends with both hands and what do FRIENDS do BEST......SHOPPING, of course.

We hit Lakeside like a couple of whirling dervishes, two women on a mission, Jasper Conran was our first stop and I got a lovely top, full of flowers, bling and a snippet here and there of organza. Next stop Monsoon, here, I fell in love with a top, one size was too small, it made my boobies look like a couple of helium filled ballons and the other size was too big, but I just had to have it, so did i decide on the smaller one and promise to go on a diet??? Did I heck, I went for the bigger one and will adjust it !!
We were getting quite hungry so off we toddled to Cafe Rouge (love that place, well the garlic bread sticks mainly) and stuffed our faces, literally.
With belly's full and stinking of GARLIC we moved on to Per Una, bargains of the day were found here, I got two pairs of trousers (linen) three pair of knickers (lacey) and three vest tops (cotton) all for under £35.00. WOW !!
All in all had a brilliant day with a great friend, got some lovely new togs and ate some rather garlicy food.
Now I wait patiently for an e mail to say our NEW STASH is on it's way, I'll keep you in suspense a little longer, but suffice it to say you're gonna LOVE IT.
I love this.....The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley


Nina said...

Bigggggg hug!

Tinkerbelle said...

What a special day for a special person xxxx

Polly said...

Awwww!! Hope you're feeling abit better :) *hugs and kisses* to you.

Nicki said...

glad you enjoyed your shopping trip! and glad you have such a fab friend - they are very precious when you get one!