Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Blimey, I can't believe it's been 11 days since I last blogged....Sorry JUNE!!!!
I did have a good excuse....we were preparing for Alley Pally.
Friday was set up day and we done it in record time, then we headed back home to relax before the weekend, played a little Scrabble on Facebook, as you do!!! got a bit of sleep and was up and out the door at 6.45am off to pick Polly up, moving on up the A127 to get Adrienne and Fabiana and .....We're off!!!!
We get to the Pally rather early, Sorry girls!!! do a few little tweaks here and there, to the stand not us!! and then the doors open. At first I really wasn't happy with our stand position as they had moved us, but it turned out to be THE BEST, so thanks for that Christine! I've got to say I think this was the busiest one yet! and I should think all you yummy ladies that couldn't get on the stand thought so to, apologies for the crowds, but we do warn you that Saturday is elbow sharpening day!

This is a before shot in all it's calm and serenity...who can spot Polly peeking out???

This is an after shot when they'd opened the doors.

I'd love to know what Fabbi was whispering to Polly....

It was great to see so many of you....THANK YOU for all your SUPPORT and wonderful comments, we had a really great show, even though it did get a little hot in there from time to time, well, ALL the time actually.
The accomodation turned out to be quite pleasant, the fact that it was next door to the police station helped a lot!!
When we'd finally climbed the 848 steps to our room, OK it was probably more like 40, but it felt like 848 after a long hard day of standing, we got into our room to find that the beds were made from marshmallows!!!! Not bad if you get hungry in the night but not very supportive for your back!!!
I think Polly has passed out at the smell of my feet!!!

We had a lovely meal at the "Pumphouse" that night, well recommended. a small amount of alcohol flowed and then it was off to bed. I've got to say I felt so sorry for Adrienne as she was the only one out of all of us that DIDN'T snore, so SORRY about that!! Then it was off to breakfast and more apologies to the other guests, as for some reason we had a fit of the giggles, not easy when you're trying to eat!! and off we go again back up to the Pally. Sunday's much quieter, take note!! and a lot more pleasant.
Finally, the clock struck 4 and we could pack up, we done it at lightning speed and we were home by 7pm, now to rest for a few months and we'll see you again in SEPTEMBER.
Lastly I'd just like to say some GREAT BIG THANK YOU'S to MUM and NINA for holding the shop together while we were gone and to POLLY, FABBI and ADRIENNE for all their hard work, I couldn't do it without you all. xxxxx

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