Monday, 26 January 2009


Hi everyone,
Well I've finally got the energy up to actually write this, and let me say there's a lot of lushious goodies out there.
Right picture this...... I'm in bed Shimelles' on my left and bev's on my right, they're talking about the stands they saw yesterday and I'm trying to type this, and of course I have to keep stopping and joining in, of course!!!
I've started the ordering, there's some great punches on the way from Fiskars along with other yummies from them, I've seen the most amazing BUTTONS, did you know I like BUTTONS??? they're so shiney and smooth, mmmmm!!!!
There's some great papers, of course, MLS are just brilliant this year and the new Jilli Bean papers, well Nina and Polly you'll LOVE these.
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night with the girls from ScrapaGoGo, Lovely girls!!! although I did happen to fall asleep at the table a couple of times.
This trip has been enlightening I have learnt or rather been told that I am a Type A personality, A meaning anal for those that didn't know, Shim and Bev are taking the mickey out of me and my Type A for being so organised and having virtually everything with me..... BUT how happy was Bev when she got blisters on her heels and needed plasters, and who had them??? Yes ME Miss Type A!! So it's now concluded that it not a problem being a Type A.
Oh I forgot to mention on Saturday we went to Newport Beach and sat outside Sprinkles eating CUPCAKES, oh boy...... and went to a shapping mall, I followed Shim into Anthropologie and happened to buy a NEW BAG, again!!! I wouldn't mind but I've only got one shoulder and can only carry one at a time, BUT it's really nice, honest.
Right, must have a shower and get ready to face another day of walking around the biggest craft show in the world, it's hard but i'm doing it for YOU remember that!!!
Anyway after my shower I'm off to IHOP to eat waffles and just to make you feel better it's been raining and rather cold, although the sun is shinning today, HOORAY!!!


Nina said...

Sounds like you are all having a fab time! Big kiss x

Alex said...

Hi Marion,

WOW: Sounds like you had a fab time in California! It was making me feel jealous listening to all your ramblings of your trip over there. How I love to visit The Cheesecake Factory and IHOP when I go there :)

Thanks for posting on my blog about wishing me luck for my Stampin' Up! Open House Day (21 Feb) - I hope it's a success!

I'll drop by your shop soon, I can't wait to see what it looks like after your little makeover :)

Bye for now,