Saturday, 17 January 2009


We've got a SUPER DUPER 20% off all shop stock SALE WEEKEND on 21st and 22nd FEBRUARY (The boring bits: it does not include special orders and you cannot redeem loyalty points) So come and join us and get yourself some yummy STASH for a lot less CASH.
Sorry to tell you that we've SOLD OUT of the gorgeous K & Co SWEET TALK, but we are trying to get more in, it's reallllllly NICE!!!
We have AT LAST received our orders of HEIDI GRACE and MY LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE, the HG is sooooo tactile you are permitted to have a STROKE.
I'm off to California on Friday to CHA, so if there's anything you want me to check out for you just drop me a line.
Thanks to all of you that took part in the POLL, I had a sneeky feeling KAISERCRAFT would come out on top, that's my favourite.
I'll be putting another poll on soon, it's interesting to see the outcome.
We've just released the FEBRUARY KIT in the shop (sorry not on the site yet)!! It's rather LUSH, Polly does put a good kit together, I must say!!
We've got more classes being released soon, VERY soon. SORRY all the others have SOLD OUT so quickly, we did put extra dates in, BUT, they SOLD OUT too. So we're working away at MORE for you.
Have a GREAT weekend everyone



Anonymous said...

have a fantastic time at CHA!!!

just bring us back all the lovely lusciousness you always do! ooh and can we have pics of Ricky stroking papers please! we know he wants to!!

Fabiana xxx

Anonymous said...

CHA ut tut tut, enjoy

Alex said...

Hi Marion,

WOW: Have a great time in CHA, I'm so jealous. Can't wait to visit the new looking shop :)

Just wanted to message you to say that I've been awarded with a Blog Award today from Jo and that I needed to nominate ten other blogs that inspire me, one of which is yours.

Please click on my name to pop over to my blog to give it a read and to pick up an award I have for you!

Bye for now,