Tuesday, 25 November 2008


.....Till we have to return home.....BUT we will come back with so many great memories, we've had such a brilliant time and whilst I have missed all of you, I haven't missed the stress of work, this has been a complete chill out!!! THANK YOU to all you girls holding the shop together and doing such a great job and SPECIAL THANKS to my MUM, she's a real star!!!!!
Ricky celebrated his 44th birthday out here so we went to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY (god we love that place)!!! and they all sang happy birthday to him
What is it with 18 year old boys that they have to pull a funny face!!!

All the boys went SHOOTING the other day, I've already done that in Las Vegas, I'm quite a dab hand with an OUZI !!! they all decided to fire revolvers and were pretty damn good, Luke rather liked the look of the MAGNUM although I don't think Nicky was too impressed.
We're off to relax at Aquatica today, sorry not meaning to rub it in but it is lovely out here and we may as well make the most of it.
If anyone is coming out soon the bad news is the dollar/pound isn't so great and therefore things don't seem that cheap, although I think we got spoiled in Chicago in July at 2 to the Pound, but the good news is that petrol (gas) has gone down by 30 cents in the two weeks we've been here, so obviously we can only assume it's gone down back home as well LOL!!!
Met the owner of PIKTALES the other day (sorry I've forgotten your name already) bloody dementia!!!! anyway she's LOVELY so if you're coming out pay her a visit, very easy to find, she's in Hunters Creek. She's got some really nice bits in there.

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