Thursday, 6 November 2008


OK, so what is this exfoliating thingy ???? I thought I'd had a real good scrub, in fact I didn't think I'd have much skin left after all that scrubbing....... and still it wasn't good enough
What is it about going on holiday with a size 8 rather gorgeous, rather tanned young beauty that makes you soooo vain !!!! Hopefully she'll eat LOADS of burgers and fries out there and will have to ask to borrow some of my clothes. xxx

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midwife123 said...

The life of a size 8 as Size 8's don't:
Eat properly.
Only exist in magazines.
Live miserable lives
Dream daily of the day they put on WEIGHT.
Dream constantly of FOOD and CALORIES.
They may look thin but have psychological problems that will haunt them forever.
I dont know about you but I'd much rather be the way I am.... HAPPY