Friday, 31 October 2008


Yes, I did say SEX, PIZZA and TWIDDLEYBITS...... the SEX was Sex in the City, the PIZZA was Dominoes and the TWIDDLEYBITZ, well...... the TWIDDLEYBITS are GORGEOUS NEW YUMMIES from AUSTRALIA and BOY are they YUMMY, the CHRISTMAS TREES are to die for and the PRINCESS CARRIAGE is just STUNNING!!!
For those of you who get the LETS MAKE CARDS magazine check us out in SHOP TALK, we've even got our piccy in there, I did ask them to airbrush us, obviously they forgot.
I'm on a countdown for Florida, I'm taking my trusty laptop so I'll keep you updated of my holiday shananigans (your request, not mine, I'd like to add) It seems you loved my CHICAGO updates.
We've also taken delivery of the NEW IMAGINISCE FAIREST OF THEM ALL range, for all you BIG and LITTLE PRINCESSES out there.
We have a massive order on route from AUSTRALIA with some fantastic new designs from KAISER, I'll let you know when it's arrived.
I'd like to say a great BIG CONGRATS to the lovely LISA who's about to be a mummy for the first time and the wonderful LORETTA who's about to be a nanny for the first time.
I'm typing this while Barbie and Marie are sitting at the door dressed as witches giving out sweeties to all the lilltle trick or treaters, I think this has been the busiest one so far...
Nina starts another of her 6 week BEGINNER COURSES this weekend, so WELCOME NEWBIES.
Oh I almost forgot, Paula and myself were very busy today making up some gorgeous GIFT SETS, they make the PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT, come and have a look and if it's not what you fancy, we'll make you up a CUSTOM one.

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