Sunday, 21 September 2008


Yay!!!! The stamps have arrived. Phew..... Panic over!!!!
You know what they say.... it's all about being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. Well that was true for some lucky ladies yesterday. THEY managed to get their hands on them. It looks like they're going to get to use them before ME!!!!!
This week has been amazingly busy, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR CUSTOM, we really appreciate your business.
We're still working like crazy to get everything ready for Ally Pally, don't forget to come and say HI if you're lucky enough to be there.
Nina started another beginners course yesterday morning and WOW how enthusiastic were you lot !!!! It's so lovely to see such eager and excited faces we hope you keep enjoying your new found creative outlet and we look forward to seeing your creations.
Polly's teaching all day today, enjoy!!! sorry i'm not there Lisa & Loretta, big hugs. I'm off to do a birthday party for a very SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL. Happy Birthday HANNAH, but first I'm decorating cupcakes and maybe just maybe I might have to try a couple, well we would'nt want the children getting ill, would we !!!
Get well MAGGIE, she's got the mother of all colds, virtual hugs to you as we don't want it. xx
Just to get you dribbling (I know Polly & Nina are) we've got OCTOBER AFTERNOON, GLITZ ROLLERS, HEIDI GRACE, PEBBLES INC, and just THE most gorgeous RIBBONS coming in
We also have a complete ALPHABET library now in 4 yes 4 different sizes and can cut anything for you ON DEMAND, how's that for service!!!!! CHIPBOARD or CARDSTOCK madame ???
Right I'm off to PAAARTAAY.
Enjoy the sunshine. x

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Anonymous said...

Fa La la la la la la la la. Happy Birthday Hannah.