Sunday, 22 June 2008

It's All GO GO GO

Had a really busy weekend, getting together the kits for the upcoming classes, Paula joined us today and worked like crazy getting together her classes.

Fabianna was also in with Adrienne, a lot of girlie giggling going on and Fabbi supplied us with sandwiches, fruit and cakes, what can I say, BELISSIMO !!

Fabbi was putting the finishing touches to her all day class on 31st August "FABBI'S FLIP, FLAP AND NO FLOP" album, she also teaches you how to make another mini album out of your leftover chipboard from the first one, WOW, does it get any better !!!

Nina's off to that crazy hippie festival, what's it called ??? oh yes Glastonbury (I just had to ask ricky) God I'm sooo old. We've all got our fingers crossed that the weather is good for you, have a FANTASTIC time and don't FORGET your SHEWEE !!!!

Maggie's back from Florida, looking rather tanned and very healthy and she bought me back my Lucky Charms, if you haven't tried them you'll have to get some, as I won't share. They are just the best, by the way it's a breakfast cereal that's loaded with sugary marshmallow bits, ok I'm dribbling now so I'm off to have a bowl.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Tinkerbelle said...

Hello, this is my first time on your blog.... so I have had a ctch up... Thank you so much for teaching me on Saturday.. the cupcake mini album is lovely.. I want to eat it!! I managed to finish ot at home xxxx look forward to popping in soon xxx Love to you all xxx Lisa (dodgy £20 note-- aka Late Lisa he-he) xxxxx

MARION said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you hun, how's the wodden letter word coming along, I expect it to be finished by now LOL.

marion x

Bagpuss said...

I know Lucky Charms - thought we used to be able to get em here?? Anyway I love the sound of the class but as I am all the way down in Kent bit far just to come and have a look - any chance of a pic to tempt me up there please?????