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OK…. be honest, who remembers 'Spoils' the kitchen shop ?
I certainly do … and my favourite thing about it was all the miniature kitchen utensils.
The tiny little scoops and the dinky little grater - I just loved them and would buy them and never use them but they looked cute !!!
Well I still love dinky - along with non-dinky, I have to say as my husband is 6' 4" … but there is something about small things, puppies, kittens etc…although I do draw the line at chocolate, that should NEVER be dinky.
It was this love that got me thinking, I love designing and creating stencils (I've really got into Art Journalling lately) so I decided to create some mini stencils I've called Dinkies…. You can check them out HERE, but here's one to whet your appetite, I hope you like them as much as I do.
And this time round they're getting used, not like my mini grater !!!
All the lucky subscribers to The Sugar Studio Kit got one in their box this month !!
Marion xx