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Have you seen the NEW Cricut ?? Here it is ...

Yes it's large, but very stylish looking... What does it do? It draws AND cuts it's a bit like PS meet Cricut... Seriously it's has carts that have designs on them that you can work in layers and change the colours and then cut them out.... COOL!!
Heidi grace may be off having another little baby but she still graced us with her yumminess, here's one of her cute little albums, we should be getting them around September.

Dyan was there in all her artistic glory doing her "thang" this time she was showing the NEW Perfect Pearls Mists... Rather yummy if I may say so !!

Rick likes meeting with Dyan as she's a fellow Leeds united supporter, so they have a little footie chat !!! If you're up Harrogate way pop in and see her, her work is so inspiring it's makes you want to grab your inks and paints ect and get dirty !!!
We've got a great little company coming to Sugar and Spice along with loads of new yummin…


OMG.... if you loved the BLINGZ you're gonna love the PEARLZ

Ooh nearly forgot the SHIMMERZ
as well, can't wait to show you these AND the next peek are these mixed media albums..... Yummy

Ooops gotta go and play with some tattered angels now
Back a bit later

Marion xx

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..... To go for CHA summer 2010

It feels like I've been here forever and I have LOVED every minute of it but I am getting excited now as it's nearly SHOWTIME!!!
I've got my eye on a few newbies and I'll be sending you sneak peeks of the lucky products that will grace the SUGAR AND SPICE shelves.
Let the countdown begin ....
Marion xx

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well, we're having a SALE....

Yep, we're holding our SUMMER SALE on SATURDAY 24th 10am - 5pm

We're giving you a whopping 20% off ALL SHOP STOCK ( there are a couple of exceptions, see the notices in store, or just ask the girls)

And YES it includes all the NEW STASH that's just arrived ( leave me some of the new stash as I haven't even seen it yet) lol !!!

So fill your boots. Remember the more you spend the more you save, and then you can tell the hubbies how much you SAVED!!!

Have fun

Marion xx

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Here we are sitting on the south shores of Lake Michigan looking on to the city. It's so peaceful here and quite deserted.... BUT I've got to say the water is FREEZING!!! Lake Geneva it's not !!!

My gorjus hubby drove me all over the place yesterday for some retail therapy. He's soooo sweet.
So here's one for the boys. Rick was rather impressed with our rims....

Oh well must lay down and chill now.

Marion xxx

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Seriously, that's what happened this weekend.
When a friend of mine knew we were going to Chicago she immediately got onto a friend of hers who lives in Chicago and said we were coming out and that was that! They took us into their arms and gave us the BEST weekend EVER.
They took us to their home at lake geneva in Wisconsin and all I can say there is WOW!!!! what a place. We shared their weekend exactly as they do. On the Saturday they took us to a restaurant on the lake via their boat ( very swish AND fast it was too ) and then we cruised around the east side of the lake. Bear in mind their lakes aren't like ours, you could walk all the way round it if you fancy a 26 mile hike!!! I'll take the boat thanks !! We then gatecrashed on some friends of theirs, they were all so friendly!!
Next day we went into lake geneva town, the shops are all little boutiques very nice and very expensive!! The we went bake to the lake front armed with snacks and drinks and after a dip in the …


After an 8.5 hour flight, which I've got to say "flew" by ( pardon the pun) !!! We landed in Chicago, greeted by over 90 degree heat. After a quick trip to Walmart (always a must) we stopped off at Potbelly's - no we'd never heard of it either !! But it done THE MOST delicious salads.... So salad it was. Kerry you'd be proud of me!!

Now I can't promise it's going to stay this way after all I need lots of energy to walk round CHA !! at least it was a good start!

Hope the weathers being kind to you all there.

I understand the delivery from the states hasn't arrived..... Don't worry I have it all in hand this end. There was a rather large problem with customs, probably cause I ordered too much lol !!! But thanks to technology I'm sorting it out even though I'm thousands of miles away. So cool

Marion xxx

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just a quickie as I'm getting ready for Chicago

I had to share this little cutie with you.....

This is going to be just one in a range of cards available from Sugar and Spice soon .... Very soon.

All hand crafted and designed by ME, watch this space for matching stamps.... Shall I shan't I ???? Mmmm you decide

I promise to keep you updated from Chicago albeit the first week or so will be mainly picci's of food. Yay ! And they will be followed by yummy new stash from CHA.

Marion xxx

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Well one of the projects anyway.

This was one of our cotton bags, masked off with the Heidi swapp mask and then stamped with an assortment of flowers and coloured in with the gorgeous Blingz. Simple but effective !!!!!
As modelled by Paula Sparling, thank you Paula !!!
Marion x

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