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Honestly, I'd forget my head.......... Etc ........
In my last post I meant to say that this weekend, 1st and 2nd October, most of Barleylands are holding a FREE DEMO WEEKEND, that's right, FREE !!!! Ourselves included, you'll have me on Saturday, WOWING you and Barb will be treating you to some of her super techniques on Sunday.
So why not pop along and get inspired :) :)
See you there
Marion xx

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First of all can I just say a mahoosive THANK YOU to everyone who came along and saw us at Ally Pally, it was a fabbi show and we really appreciate your custom... Old and New :) :) :) !!! Now I'm hanging my head in shame as what with everything that has been going on I had to put back the Card Comp and the Prize Draw till today :( :( I know... I'm bad !!! BUT... the good news is we've DONE IT !!!!  There were so many great ones to choose from so we ended up choosing 9 winners including one from a 7 year old !! So take a looksie at the picture above and then you must contact us and tell us which one is yours, and we have a little gift waiting for you you at Sugar and Spice... Come claim your prize :) :) :) 
Also, on the birthday night we held a raffle and guess what...... we've finally drawn that.... so if this is your ticket, we have a prize waiting for you at the shop :) :) :) We are still waiting to hear back from St Luke's to say what we raised on the night, but…


Thought I'd give you another little sneak of some of the stash we're gonna be demoing with at Ally pally
This stuff is glittery heaven.... I just keep taking the lids off and stroking it !!!
And in case you never saw the newsletter, here's a little something I got inspired from, from one of the TRENDS books.... LOVE IT !!!!
We've made some kits up for this gorjus wreath, but you're gonna have to be quick as we haven't got many :( :( :( ... BUT.... I will try and get more of the product in to make up some more :) :)
We haven't forgotten about the raffle or card comp, but we've been inundated with deliveries and orders, so we just want to get Ally Pally out of the way and then we'll be back on track. Thanks for bearing with us.
Marion xx


Are you ????
Ally pally that is !!! I've got to say it's one of the best shows out there, there's some fab companies (ourselves included) !!! that go year after year.
We've got some great product for you, here's a couple of little teasers....
 We're bringing you the best of the Brands out there !!
We're also going to have all the goodies to make these little beauties... you're going to have to be quick though as we know it's not going to last both days !!
We've also got some FAB DEMO'S set up for you... Oh boy we're sooooooo excited, one because we get to meet all you lovelies again and two because we get to eat Chocolate and Banana Pizza on the Saturday night .... Yummmmm !!
See you there :)

Marion, Polly and Jayne xxx


Well, in this instance it's going to be St. Lukes Hospice !!

We asked you to be a follower to leave your answer to the following question ...
"whilst prepping for Monday nights show, I had to go downstairs and get a bandage .... Why ????"
This is the answer

A ghoulish card

A couple of peeps got near, but they're not followers :( :(
So some crafty stash is making it's way to a worthy cause
Marion xxx

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OMG... at last.... finally the TRENDS MAGS are HERE !!!!
We've received SCRAP TRENDS, CARD TRENDS, CREATE, HANDMADE and CRICUT. We already have a list of people wanting these, so if you want to go on the list you must contact me so I can put you in the book. We have some available immediately, they are £10.99 each or if you subscribe for 3 issues of the same mag, then the price comes down to £9.99 an issue, payable at time of ordering. If you're not familiar with these Mags, first off I shouldn't call them mags as really they are books, I still have some dating back to 2002. I just can't bring myself to throwing them away, I still refer to them for inspo. I love them !!! They are from the States and alongside Creating Keepsakes, they are one of the BEST mags out there, in Sugar and Spice's opinion anyway !!!  Come and have a look and see for yourselves, and YES we will be taking them to Ally Pally :) :)  Anyhoo's had loads more deliveries so I need to get my finger …


If you fancy a bit of "ME" (that's you not me) time, on Monday night at 9PM, then tune into QVC for the 2nd in our NEW PaperCraft Studio, where they'll be bringing you some great products at super duper prices.
Here's a few little sneaks of some demo's I'll be doing......

In the meantime, I'm packing up for Ally Pally, so hope to see some of you there, I'm really excited about the stash we're taking this time and YES we'll be demoing again... toot toot !!!
Because of how busy the week has been, we will be doing the Birthday card competition and the raffle next week, and so keep a look out for your name and/or number. :)
Our NEW Glitter papers are going really well... we knew you'd like them :) and as for Authentique, well.... it's just Gorjus !!! You need to stroke it to appreciate it. The Hambly Washi Tape is divine...... ahhhhhh, another touchy feely product ! I see so many flowers with that stuff !!!
Anyhoo's, Im still preppi…


Well the first part of my 2pm show on QVC tomorrow is (6th Sept) I will have to contain myself and be all professional, else I shall look like a numpty LOL !!
I've got some rather gorgeous stash in the 6pm show as well, including stamps from the wonderful SJ of Little Musings . Yummmmm. They start the show and then I end it with some more yumminess.....

Sorry the image is round the wrong way, but you'll have to exercise your necks !! But thought I'd give you a little taster.
Then it's Kirsty's big day.... You must watch her at 4pm on Wednesday the woman is sooooo talented. Go QVC.... We're cooking on gas !!!!
Marion xxx

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Oh what a night.....

There was I saying to Nina..."no-ones gonna turn up" I mean who wants to come out on a Saturday night?
We couldn't celebrate our birthday in the day, as we have a commitment to our lovely customers who come to classes regularly on a Saturday. So, the evening it was, and oh boy .... You didn't let us down.
It started off with the arrival of freshly baked cupcakes and big cakes.

Thanks so much to Momma Muff, Lovely Lucy, Gorgeous Jan and Amazing Ann, you done us proud girls !!!
I was a bit behind setting up the make & take (only cause I thought there wouldn't be anyone)!! But you came and came and came, in fact this was the first time we've ever had to do a number system so that everyone got a place :) :)
Here's a few of you enjoying yourselves, sorry i didn't get you all :( :(

Guess who broke the needle ??? LOL !!!

You done me proud girls, making your flowers

Hard at work...

Ann's using her flower as a very nice head piece !!

Me and one of my favourite…


DOUBLE LOYALTY POINTS.... Yes on top of everything else we're giving you for our birthday, you're also getting double loyalty points on the night (normal conditions apply)
Hope you got the newsletter I sent out yesterday telling you all about the fun we intend to have, along with all the yummy giveaways on Saturday night, along with eating cupcakes. :) :)
I also showed a picci of the make & take....seriously this is the best make & take we've ever done it's a complete mini matchbook album !!!!!
In amongst organising all this I'm also prepping for my shows on QVC on Tuesday at 2pm and 6pm, if you love Prima then YOU MUST tune in at 2 o'clock, I've got some yummy stash to show you !!! Hopefully I'll upload a few sneak peeks in the next couple of days. I'm back on twitter now (marionjemberson) so you can get sneaks on there, also don't forget our Facebook page....Sugar and spice crafts. You'll know it's right as you'll see my …