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Well, Elfred's been a bit missing lately.... Can you spot him in this pic ?'s not easy is it, but if you look closely you'll see him hanging from the bird cage.

I think he's tucked himself away in case someone tries to grab him on our SALE day, what....... you didn't know about our SALE day ? !!!! Just pop on in anytime this Saturday and grab your voucher and claim anything between 20% to 40% OFF your purchase, fab for stocking up on all those crafting essentials that you're going to need while we're closed. Yes we're closing BUT don't worry we're opening again :) :)
We close at 5pm on SATURDAY 21st DECEMBER and then after a fabbi rest we'll be raring to go again on SATURDAY 4th JANUARY....So if we don't see you before, have a sparkling and magical Christmas and a bubblicious New Year......AND........last but not least......A MAHOOSIVE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR CUSTOM THIS PAST YEAR. WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU, YOURE OUR ROCKS …