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Well....if you LOVE buttons you'll need to pop in the shop and see the AMAZING buttons we've just got in... We think they're gorgeous ... Swoon !!!

Back in november when I first ordered Pan Pastels, I said to Berni (part owner of the company) "I'll just try a few and see how they go" seriously.....who was I kidding...more are coming in today, along with a few other goodies from them :) :)

Here, we keep it simple...... We love you Pans !!!!

I know this will make my mum spontaneously combust....but MORE yummy ribbons have arrived also...:) :)

Back on Q tomorrow (Wednesday at 2pm) ... Yummy stash as usual, tune in for some fabbi inspiration !!

I'll show you a Pom Pom flower using TH Tissue Wrap and here's a little sneak of one of the cards ...

Hope you can join me.
Marion xxx
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