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Well, it's our last day today, but it's not going to be a stroll in the park ...oh no, this is the longest day, but it's been such fun, everything has been fabulous, although I was Billy No Mates at one point in the restaurant...

If you look close enough you may just spot me in the corner... LOL
At the make and take last night there was plenty of cake to keep people satisfied.

Here's a close up of the red was delicious

And here's Mary Ruth just finishing her make and take and waiting for her husband to finish his.

Everything has been so good, but I can't wait to get home....I've got so much to do...QVC on the 29th at 7 & 9 pm (outlet 7pm to midnight) then it's full on for the Sugar and Spice Retreat...woo hoo
Hugs xxx

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well the troubles in Boston are all over, but we never felt worried, why? You ask !!!! Well, we were locked up in our castle...

OK so it is lacking a moat but no one was going to storm this LOL..
We're on day two of teaching, yesterday was fab and EVERYONE is so lovely, they couldn't be more friendly and helpful.
From lunchtime today it's completely full on, till we take our flight back on Sunday evening, then we can relax :) :)
By the way, went to an Italian last night and had a wonderful chicken Marsala and finished it off with a cheeky cannoli ... Well it would have been rude not to :)
Hugs xxxxx

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....All safe and sound.

Got to say, in all my years of flying, I have never been on such an empty plane, obviously to do with the fact that it was going to Boston, but out of our cabin of 36 seats there were 7 of us !!!!

Anyhoos, the sun is shining and we had a quick trip to Target, where I couldn't resist these...

The photo doesn't do them justice, the colours are gorgeous and they've got such a fine tip...LOVE !!!
We went to the Cheesecake Factory yesterday, it was Richards' first time, he was a bit overwhelmed, but loved it. I meant to take a photo, but as usual remembered AFTER I'd eaten it !!!
The classes start today, it's all getting a bit exciting, the retailers are very lucky, the goodie bags alone are amazing !!
Off to breakfast now, I'll try and get some picci's late and post tomorrow.
Hugs xxx

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Is all about Ally Pally, it's our chance to 'bring" our shop to you :) :)
We still have hundreds of papers and goodies left in the shop, but we have striped it in places to take to the Pally... We just want to share the love :) :)
Already the NEW moulds have been a massive hit..TASH-TASTIC !!

We're going to be showing you how to become WOW takes your creating to another level :) :)
We've also got re-stocks of all the NEW Smash, this will take Center stage at the show, you're gonna LOVE the kits, we're taking bets on what's going to sell out first ... Moulds/WOW or Smash !!!
We also got re-stocks of the fabulous Sparkle all you glitter lovers can see this in the truly is spectacular, there's nothing like it on the market :) :)

Here's a few to choose from. What's your favourite colour ? Have you tried mixing it ? Oh the possibilities !!!
So if you're coming to the Pally and think 'oh I'll see S…