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Showing posts from March 6, 2009


Went the back door....Polly let out a little squeal, jumped up, ran to it, opened it and there was a delivery guy with ONE, yes just ONE parcel, she came back in looking all sad and sulky... But it wasn't long before the REAL delivery came ALL 21 boxes, now I know that sounds a lot but 10 of those were Albums (some rather scrummy new ones, as well) so now we've got about 72 squillion albums for sale!!! the other 11 contained.......PAPERS, BUTTONS, RUB-ONS, FLOWERS, MORE BUTTONS, MORE PAPERS, CHIPBOARD, STICKERS, RIBBONS, BLING, STAMPS and PUNCHES oh and the list goes on.
I did get a couple of snaps of him delivering and then left my camera at the shop, DOH!!!
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