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Showing posts from October 23, 2008


Sshhh! It's a secret ;) Tomorrow I will be in the shop and willbe adding the finishing touches to the November kit... We are all SOLD OUT of the October one (for those of you who bagged a kit, well done!) I will be adding a sneaky peek this month so you can by all means ring a reserve one by paying for it in advance... otherwise it's a free for all on the first when the kits go up for sale.

A big thank you to the ladies who were in my class on Sunday, I hope you 'family trees' are now all complete with photos and filling your albums or waiting to be wrapped as gifts, as some of you suggested. Thank you for the funny stories too ;) Tales of ham sandwiches being choked on, ransacked bedrooms and firemen :P They were totally hillarious.

This Sunday I am following on from Marion's card class with my heart felt mini book on Sunday afternoon... and no doubt this weekend will also be just as loud!