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The shop will be closed on  SUNDAY 7TH JULY We apologise for any inconvenience  this may cause We will re-open on Tuesday 9th July at 10am We're off on a course and will share our knowledge with you on our return :) :)  Hugs Marion xxx

Bargains AND New Stash nearly here !!!!
There's some fabulous stash at amazing prices, you'll need to be early to grab a all kicks off at 10am - The Sugar and Spice Customer Market Event - See you there :) :)
Plus all the NEW stash is priced, we're just trying to get it out on the shelves now.... Oh the impossipuzzles continue !!!
Marion xxx

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So, 6 boxes arrived from the States on Friday, full of strokeable lushness, there's some serious designs going on here, check out some of these....

Cameras from Here & Now range

Alpha stickers from Happy Camper, these woodgrain letters are FAB !!!

The colours are amazing from Anna Griffin Blomma
So there's a few little teasers, now go check out more HERE
Oh yeah, I nearly forgot....the fabulous Die-Namics Hexagons are back in stock...check them out HERE
I'll keep adding more over the next couple of days
Marion xxx
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One of the best things about our NEW website is we can make everything so simple for you guys For example, one of our fastest selling products is Melt-It. We can tell you about it here and all you have to do is click the 'buy now' button and it'll take you straight to our cool is that !!! We've also just got, BACK IN STOCK, the fabulous button moulds


So the website's gone LIVE and we have a little something for YOU  To thank you for your patience and because we're still putting stash on it, we've decided to give you FREE POSTAGE & PACKING on any orders OVER £10.00 from NOW until Sunday.

So get your skates on, have a looksie, fill your baskets and get your creative juices flowing !!!

You'll notice there are review sections under every product. If you love it, let us and everyone else know.

You can also spread the love on your own Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter pages.
All you need to do to get the discount is put "sugar and spice" in the Discount Code Box at the second stage of checkout
Check out the Classes page we've just added NEW classes, including a Smash Up Day're still learning things with this new site, so if you have ANY feedback, good or bad please tell us  
CUSTOMER MARKET EVENT - Have you booked your selling space ???? you only have a… exciting...

Unlike the last blog post, this one's ALL happy :) :)
I'm pleased to announce that the tea rooms at the Craft Village have been taken over by the wonderful Nicole.
It's now called La Bottega Village Cafe and Deli and oh boy she's already made SUCH a difference I. Just 4 days :) :)
You may wonder why I'm excited about this, well basically, we have a lot of ladies stay all day for classes and part of their day is to enjoy a nice lunch.....and now they can.
Everything is made fresh on the day, there's lots of choices and the service is fantastic.
Yesterday we had lasagne and chips and I can honestly say I've never tasted something so nice, it was homemade by one of the Italian girls there.

The only downside was, you know when you're enjoying something so much, you wolf it down ...well that's what happened, then I felt bloated all day, I should have listened to my mum when she said 'stop' but I couldn't bear to leave any LOL... Here's the pr…


Well on Monday morning I got the phone call I was dreading..... you see two of our neighbours at the shop had been broken into and had cash stolen. Me, as bold as brass said, there was NO WAY they would come back a second night....... But guess what ???? This time it was MY shop, so there was the phone call. the awful thing is on my way over I couldn't help but imagine ALL kinds of scenarios and trust me I have a rather vivid imagination !! My mum and Nina were first on the scene, I was stuck in school hour traffic !!! but as I went into the shop I was pleasantly surprised as it all looked perfectly normal. Apart from the hundreds of pieces of glass all over the kitchen and stuff shoved out from under the counter, they were obviously looking for cash, but guess what???? they got NONE, NADA, ZIP !!! Mum and Nina were absolutely FAB in helping clear up and staying with me while the forensic girl and police arrived. It was only while my mum was in the kitchen that she realised with …