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After having the day from hell. Seriously, it's been a nightmare, but I won't go into that. I just had to share this with you..
One of our lovely ladies 'Little Feet Alison' (she has size 1 feet) !!! treated herself to one of our FABULOUS GRAB BOXES. She surprised herself, as she's not a gambler, she's also not patient !!!
She couldn't resist, she just had to open it right there on the shop floor and I mean the shop FLOOR....

But the look on her face, just took all my woes away.....we always strive here at Sugar and Spice to give our customers the best and I think we've achieved that....
Suffice it to say.... She was very happy
We hope all you other gamblers are too :) :)
By the way, we've just added a Halloween one...stocks are VERY limited on this one, so GRAB yours while you can !!
The problems are still there but stress levels have reduced considerably thanks to the lovely CARA, she comes thoroughly recommended :) :)
So, tomorrow.....I'm ready f…


I know, I know, it came as a shock to me also :) :)

You see, when a good buddy of mine said about doing Grab Boxes, I was like, 'Nah, that ain't going to work' I mean who's going to part with their hard earned cash if they don't know what they're getting.

Oh wrong was I !!!

Admittedly, I've done it slightly different and I'm giving you a choice of Theme, i.e. Blue, Pink, Christmas, Vintage, etc ..... But still !! LOL !!

It seems you LOVE a bargain, and obviously you love and trust that we'll stuff it with "good stash". I've never had so many orders in one night. Well that's my next few days sorted thinks I'll be 'picking and packing' .

So, if you want yours, just pop on over HERE the hardest thing you have to do is CHOOSE !!!!!!

And while I'm here.... A MAHOOSIVE thank you to everyone who's ordered. We REALLY appreciate it :) :)

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