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Showing posts from July 18, 2008


Hi all,

well we're here in sunny Chicago at 6pm this evening (that's midnight our time) it was 86 degrees. phew....

Trying our best to stay awake to start the show all fresh tomorrow (lots and lots and lots of walking to do) Hey Nina I've got my Croc's, even though I do look awful in them.

Just thought I'd show you my first piccy, it's of my bed in the hotel, all puffed up and ready for me, although I've got to fight the jet lag, with a lovely little pillow in front saying "sweet dreams" such a nice touch. Ricky's got one as well, yes we've got a bed each, oh it's like being single again.

Anyway, hope everyone is well, off to eat now and sleep later, will keep you posted of all the new yummies.