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No not me.... That's the name of a great product I've just used.

Afraid to say it's got absolutely nothing to do with crafting, unless you count the yummy ribbon tied round it's neck - obviously to be used on a card or tag once finished with!!
Seriously though even if you have or haven't got a pet we all like our houses to smell nice, and this little gem does just the job. Oh gosh I sound like I'm doing an ad, but honestly I'm not, it's just like in the crafting world, when I find a product I like, I want to share!!
I've just washed all my floors with it and whilst I'm flagged out on the settee (after all that work) I'm just taking in the smell. I've just used orange....mmmmm
Anyhoo's the girl who does all this yummy stuff along with lots of things for your dog is Charlie and you can get her at
Off to do the rest of the housework now.... Oh how I love Mondays !!!
Have a great day everyone
Marion xx

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