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Last night was our Christmas night out and we joined in with lots of others from Barleylands and spent a fabulous evening eating, drinking and singing.

This pose was all about holding in the 'chins'

Martin sneaking in on the shot !!!

Chilli, mum and me before the food mountain came.
A MAHOOSIVE thank you to Nicole and ALL her staff for putting on a fabulous evening, the food was plentiful and YUMMY !!!

I got the lucky plate.......with 4 yorkshire puds .....Nom Nom !!!
Our lovely Dean, couldn't make it as he was teaching, so we didn't want him to miss out, so we popped a little plate of food and a glass of vino over to him....

So, whilst we were having fun, what was Elfred get up to ????

All I can say is that'll teach him for playing with the sticky foam pads !!!!!
Marion xxx
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