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Yesterday we went on a road trip and ventured out to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, sorry Ethel, as nice as they were, it wasn't Galaxy !!!! Next to the factory they had a cactus garden.....of course, why wouldn't you :) :) it was all being set up for Christmas and so all the cacti were wrapped in lights !
I had a go at being Santa..

I had the belly alright, but I'm working on the beard !!!
One thing you don't want to do is trip and fall into the cacti....jeez, they're spiteful...

After our arduous walk around the garden we treated ourselves to some rather delicious ice cream, I wanted Strawberry Cheesecake and Ricky wanted Rainbow Sherbet..... So we shared. I must say it was DELICIOUS !!!

Next we needed lunch, ok so we'd had dessert first, but we're on holiday so who cares !!! If any of you have been to the States and had an In N Out Burger then you'll know what I mean by TASTY !!! Seriously, these are the best fast food burgers you'll ever taste, they …