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Don't know what happened there girls.....But I didn't post the Frankfurt Market thingy !!! Although I'm sure it's a wonderful place to go.....So sorry about that, must be a glitch in the machine.....or someone's HACKING....shame on you - I'm sure there's better things to hack than our little Blog !!!
Whilst I'm here, I may as well give you a few words - seeing as I don't get on here much.
At 45 I'm really feeling my age after doing two weekend shows on the trot. Alley Pally - Simply blinding - as always a fantastic show - I hope Polly and Jayne's feet have come back to their normal size and no longer resemble blown up Marigold Gloves !!! Artisan - I wouldn't call it blinding but it was lovely, we really had a giggle and I met some gorgeous peeps, including the most talented girlie by the name of LISA OLSON, she makes the most STUNNING felt bags - yes girlies I said FELT BAGS with gorgeous FELT FLOWERS. I do believe she takes orders AND sh…