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Showing posts from July 9, 2009

For the love of organization!

Hello! I am Nina and for anyone lucky enough to live near enough to visit the Sugar and Spice shop you will probably already know me. For those who don't I am a eclectic bug who loves random things in life. I have been paper crafting for 9 years now and have an ever changing style. My first project I want to share with you is an extension of my love of organization, can anything be better then stash organization?!
So does your ribbon box look like this?
Such hard work when you are starting a project and you cant even see your supplies. I thought I would put to use all the random jars I had been collecting for years and sort my ribbon into colours. This way when I know I need say, a black ribbon, I can grab my jar and have a good look. Once I was organized I couldn't resist making some cute labels with my Alphabet Clear Stamps and some scraps of paper and card stock.
How yummy do they all look?!! I am now going to do this with my buttons and bling too! Hope you enjoyed my little …