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After having the day from hell. Seriously, it's been a nightmare, but I won't go into that. I just had to share this with you..
One of our lovely ladies 'Little Feet Alison' (she has size 1 feet) !!! treated herself to one of our FABULOUS GRAB BOXES. She surprised herself, as she's not a gambler, she's also not patient !!!
She couldn't resist, she just had to open it right there on the shop floor and I mean the shop FLOOR....

But the look on her face, just took all my woes away.....we always strive here at Sugar and Spice to give our customers the best and I think we've achieved that....
Suffice it to say.... She was very happy
We hope all you other gamblers are too :) :)
By the way, we've just added a Halloween one...stocks are VERY limited on this one, so GRAB yours while you can !!
The problems are still there but stress levels have reduced considerably thanks to the lovely CARA, she comes thoroughly recommended :) :)
So, tomorrow.....I'm ready f…


I know, I know, it came as a shock to me also :) :)

You see, when a good buddy of mine said about doing Grab Boxes, I was like, 'Nah, that ain't going to work' I mean who's going to part with their hard earned cash if they don't know what they're getting.

Oh wrong was I !!!

Admittedly, I've done it slightly different and I'm giving you a choice of Theme, i.e. Blue, Pink, Christmas, Vintage, etc ..... But still !! LOL !!

It seems you LOVE a bargain, and obviously you love and trust that we'll stuff it with "good stash". I've never had so many orders in one night. Well that's my next few days sorted thinks I'll be 'picking and packing' .

So, if you want yours, just pop on over HERE the hardest thing you have to do is CHOOSE !!!!!!

And while I'm here.... A MAHOOSIVE thank you to everyone who's ordered. We REALLY appreciate it :) :)

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Have you seen our latest On-Line Class ????
It's proving so popular, not only are we selling it On-Line, but customers have been coming in the shop and buying it also. Yay !!!
It's such great value and you can use them year after year, they're perfect for hanging on the tree, or, make place settings with them and pop a special gift inside, makes a change from crackers !!!

Everything has been cut for you, all you need is glitter (optional), adhesive and a white pen.

If you want to get yours just click HERE Place your order and in a couple of days you'll be creating.
Keep an eye out for the next one, and while you're there don't forget to download the other Classes, they're FREE !!!
Marion xxxx

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Hi Guys,
Here's another FREE tutorial. just pop it in your basket and checkout and within a minute or so you'll receive a PDF with pictures and instructions.
Just click HERE
Why not check out the in store classes on the website while you're there...They're FAB
Hugs Marion xxx


If there's one thing we hear time and time again, is that you guys that don't dwell in good 'ole Essex, want us to open a Sugar and Spice Crafts near you, well although the thought would be nice, it would also be impossible. So what have we done about your cries ??????? Well, if you can't get to us, then we'll come to you. And we're starting that with some On-Line Classes, you're going to have to bear with us as we gradually build these for you, most of them will be FREE, there maybe one or two SPECIAL ones that they'll be a small price for, but you won't be disappointed, I promise !! We'll add a list of products used, but we always try and and use a lot of generic stuff that you'll have in your stash anyway, so it's a way of getting your mojo going and to say THANK YOU for supporting Sugar and Spice Crafts from near and far. The first one's up, so go check it out HERE, and I'm just working on another..... These things take time…


Working for WOW Embossing Powders today and I started to feel just a wee bit Christmassy...... Is that allowed, I mean we haven't had Halloween yet !!!
But hey ho.... When it flows you just have to go with it, right !!!
One of the things I love doing with the WOW Powders is mixing them to get different colours and textures.

So I grabbed a bottle, cut up some sticks and played with powder.... I love this stuff.
I'll be taking it with me to the NEC, where we'll be (me and WOW) for the Hobbycrafts show this November. If you're coming, pop along to the stand and book in for a FREE class, we've got two projects for you to choose from or do both, we don't mind :) :) we'll also be demoing all day, filling your minds with ideas and inspiration. See you there....

Marion xxx
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Talk about blink and you've missed it !!!!
This time last week I was in Texas.... Seriously !!! We (that's me and WOW) flew out on the Friday and was back by Tuesday. crazy isn't it !!!
But, oh boy did we have fun !!! We taught some amazing ladies and one gent.... Hi Keith !!!! Showed them all the lovely NEW product  that WOW has to offer, shared our lovely English chocolate with them and basically made a sparkly mess.  Here's a few pics of the event...

 We did 2 classes..... and had to sign some autographs. Richard thought that was hilarious....until we got hime to do one !! We had a FAB night of make and takes  Including a MAHOOSIVE table of yummy cakes !!!

 All in all it was a great event..... Thank you for having us Texas !!!! Since I've been back I've been busy. busy, busy.... working on new projects, I'm also getting ready to go to the NEC in November where I'll be teaching for WOW!, don't forget to get there early to book your place, you kno…