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Showing posts from January 12, 2011


I've been asked back on QVC..... Toot toot !!!

I'm on on Friday 21st January at 4pm.... A bit quick after the last one I know, and the down side to that, is that I won't have prepped a lot of the stuff, fortunately, Dawn's team have.

I have got some new lines to play with and I will try my best to put my slant on some of the previous products..... There's some really yummy things in the line up, including stamps by Paula Pascual (I love her designs) !!!!

I'm not receiving anything till Friday :( :( so I'm going to have to work like the clappers to bring you some inspo, so I hope I don't disappoint !!!

We're in the process of just finishing off our new website..... With MASSIVE thanks to the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman, check her out HERE who's been our techie guru, and then if that wasn't enough, the wonderful (don't know if she's gorgeous, I haven't seen a picci of her) LOL !!! Nikky Hall, has given our blog a little makeover, you can…