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And then some.....
It sounds all lush saying I went to Ohio to do some filming for WOW Embossing Powders, and don't get me wrong, it was WONDERFUL.....but now I'm playing catch up LOL !!! I'm very blessed to have amazing people here at Sugar and Spice, thanks girls for holding the fort :) :)
I'm going to be working like a loon today, trying to get all the other embossing powders on the site especially since the moulds are back in stock ....YAY !!!
You can find it ALL here
It never ceases to amaze me how many variations you can get by just playing with the embossing powders, and why not throw a bit of Mica in there or Alcohol Ink...just experiment, if you don't like it, melt it down again...Simples !!!
Nina was amazing yesterday getting all the papers back in order, making it easier for you to choose...we're nice like that LOL !!!
I'm awaiting a delivery from QVC today, for my show on the 8th at 1pm...I wonder what goodies I'll be getting #Excited !!!!!!


Seriously, less than a week ago I was getting ready to set up for Ally Pally and since then I've been over to Ohio and while I am still awake, I thought I'd do a quick blogpost :) :)
So.. Ally Pally..what a fab many wonderful people and so many returning customers....we really appreciate it, thanks guys :)

Still setting up...but nearly there !!
One thing we enjoy about going to the Pally is our stay over on the Saturday night, we usually go to a lovely little Italian restaurant, but this time it was full so we ventured out and found another little Italian restaurant it was absolutely gorgeous.
Here's Polly giggling at something I couldn't possibly explain on here !!! ;)

I love this photo :)
So, with the Pally all done and dusted the very next morning I set off to Heathrow airport to make my long journey to Ohio with Richard from WOW embossing powders, to do some tutorial filming for their launch in the USA, we had a great flight, nearly missed our conne…


Oh Boy..... I love these ribbons, in fact I just LOVE RIBBONS !!!!!
My blog post for Fantastic Ribbons this month is about Backgrounds, that's right, how to use your ribbons to make a background.
Very rarely do I do a DL card, but I felt this just "worked"
Start off with a DL base card, next taking some Bazzill Kraft I die cut two hearts from a piece just smaller than the base card.
Then taking 3 of your favourite ribbons from your Fantastic Ribbons stash, put some adhesive on the back of the heart outline and start sticking your ribbon strips on, this is fab for using up all those little bits and pieces that "we can't possibly throw away"
It looks a bit scruffy from the back, but don't worry thats going to be covered !! To highlight the hearts and give them a little vintage feel, go around the edge (on the front) with little white "stitches"
Tie a piece of ribbon and twine to the front of the Kraft and adhere to the white card base. Finishing off…


And done it again......
I consider myself so lucky to have amazing teachers here at Sugar and Spice, they never fail to amaze me at what they can do, this time Chilli Barb has excelled herself with her Mini Paper Bag Book, it's got amazing embellies that she'll teach you how to make, along with flips and flaps and tags.
It's on Sunday 13th May at 10am only £15.00 Here's a few sneaks....

So... If you want one of the few spaces we have left, call us on 01268 530933 to book.
Marion xx


I'm popping my latest Video on here, for those of you who aren't on our FACEBOOK PAGE, or our Newsletter, as was pointed out to me this morning LOL !!!!
So apologies if you've seen it like a gazillion times :) :)
And YES we will have LOADS of WOW Powders and "some" silicone moulds...sorry but they flew out, even beyond our expectations. So come see us at Ally Pally next weekend
Marion xx


For Ally Pally....
Last week was all about making samples to inspire you and show you what YOU can do with our amazing products.
We've gone a bit ribbons, moulds and twines crazy this year..... and our demo is going to be WOWing you with the fabulous WOW Embossing Powders, so don't forget to stop by.
Here's a very simple layout I've done for the show...showcasing our gorgeous chunky twines..
Here's another little sample, this time a card showing the Gorgeous NEW Scrummy Ribbon with the Twine and Yummy Embossed Hat Pins and Flower made from WOW Embossing Powder. If you can't get to Ally, bear with us and what we have left we'll put on the website on our return :) :) Now this week is all about packing, packing, packing oh yeah.... and more packing, got another two Stateside deliveries due in on Tues/Weds...cutting it fine I know.....but Oh so worth it  !!!
Anyhoo's must get on with some more samples.
Have a fabulous Easter break everyone, let's hope the …