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Well....if you LOVE buttons you'll need to pop in the shop and see the AMAZING buttons we've just got in... We think they're gorgeous ... Swoon !!!

Back in november when I first ordered Pan Pastels, I said to Berni (part owner of the company) "I'll just try a few and see how they go" seriously.....who was I kidding...more are coming in today, along with a few other goodies from them :) :)

Here, we keep it simple...... We love you Pans !!!!

I know this will make my mum spontaneously combust....but MORE yummy ribbons have arrived also...:) :)

Back on Q tomorrow (Wednesday at 2pm) ... Yummy stash as usual, tune in for some fabbi inspiration !!

I'll show you a Pom Pom flower using TH Tissue Wrap and here's a little sneak of one of the cards ...

Hope you can join me.
Marion xxx
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SUCH FUN......

I absolutely adore going away with the WOW guys....admittedly it's hard work, but the fun we have ... sure makes up for it.

Here's Richard and Archie (the owners of WOW) giggling away like schoolboys :)

Here's Steve from WOW....this guy is THE funniest bloke you'll ever meet, his wit is so quick, you just can't be anything other than happy around him :)

This little guy (Alberto) has nothing to do with WOW..apart from the fact that he was our server in the Italian restaurant ....oooo young man !!!!! Just thought I'd get his picture on here !!!

You all know the lovely Nina....oh we did have a giggle

The thing is I can't even remember what was said that made me laugh so much !!!

Here's the lovely Ingrid and Anita from the Netherlands...these girls were hilarious...their personalities were infectious..thanks girls for such fun !!!

Anyway....our main reason for going, was (apart from having fun), buying some new yummies for the shop and YES we did. We…


This month for Fantastic Ribbons we were asked to make BOWS....

So here's what's probably the quickest layout EVER..... With added dimension, thanks to Fantastic Ribbons :) :)

Whoops....sorry the picture's a bit wonky ;)

I quickly made a gathered flower using the red grosgrain and attached it top right of the photo, then I wrapped the lovely Center stitch ribbon around the photo and tied it off in a 'faux' bow then added a multi bow with the bakers twine...

And lastly, I added 'leaves' to the stems of the flowers by way of more 'faux' bows...

And there you have it, a quick and simple layout where the ribbon and paper did all the work !!
Marion xxx

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IT'S BACK.....

For all our regulars, you know just how low we've been on our favourite Bazzill's back !!!!!

We're all re-stocked and continue to do our fabbi offer on it :) :)

In other news..... The NEW Smash isn't too far away :) :) oh boy, they've pulled out all the stops on this collection.

Saturday see's Nina and myself on a road trip to sunny Birmingham, she'll be scouting the show for all the amazing lushness out there and I'll be teaching for WOW Embossing Powders.

Chilli Barb has designed an AMAZING class, we're just finalising the deets and we'll have it up on the web ..... This is going to be a one off class so you're going to have to be quick off the mark :) :)

Nina's FABULOUS Scrapbooking for Beginners Course is filling up starts in's a fantastic stepping stone into the world of memory keeping and Nina will teach you all you need to know to get started on this wonderful journey.

Well, I have to …


One more day of QVC (tomorrow 13th at 2pm) then it's all systems go for teaching for WOW at Stitches...Birmingham here we come....I know it doesn't have the same sound as California but hey ho it's still a LOT of fun :) :)

I'll be back on Q on Wednesday 27th at 2pm, so hope to see you the meantime we're just waiting on the NEW Smash to arrive....excited !!!!! Along with some new arrivals from CHA !!!! Our shelves are crying out for new stash and so are we :) :)

Pan Pastels ...what's going on there ???? You can't get enough of them and neither can we, we get them in, they go out, we get them in, they go see the pattern forming here LOL !!!

Well, I have one more bit of prep to do for Q ...then I can relax for an hour at least

Marion xxx

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....And its another outlet Tomorrow (Monday at 10am) , in fact all week long at 10 :) :)  It's been a bit of a race against the clock, but I've got there..... so if you're around join me at 10am or pop it on record and watch at your leisure, I've tried to get as many demos in as poss, but bearing in mind it's an outlet (and there's some tempting treats in store) I'll do my best to show them all :) :) Even if I don't get the demos in there's some great samples... even if i do say so myself LOL... and lots are going to be put on Pinterest QVC and Sugar and Spice. Here's a few sneaks.....

See you there :) :)  Hugs Marion xx