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Unlike the last blog post, this one's ALL happy :) :)
I'm pleased to announce that the tea rooms at the Craft Village have been taken over by the wonderful Nicole.
It's now called La Bottega Village Cafe and Deli and oh boy she's already made SUCH a difference I. Just 4 days :) :)
You may wonder why I'm excited about this, well basically, we have a lot of ladies stay all day for classes and part of their day is to enjoy a nice lunch.....and now they can.
Everything is made fresh on the day, there's lots of choices and the service is fantastic.
Yesterday we had lasagne and chips and I can honestly say I've never tasted something so nice, it was homemade by one of the Italian girls there.

The only downside was, you know when you're enjoying something so much, you wolf it down ...well that's what happened, then I felt bloated all day, I should have listened to my mum when she said 'stop' but I couldn't bear to leave any LOL... Here's the pr…