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Pleased to say Tyson' s fine, no side effects, but I've decided in my next life I'm coming back as a vet !!
Had a busy day at the shop today and still managed to design the next lot of classes, I feel so much better when that's done, until the next month anyway, I'll try and get a piccy on but I left my camera at the shop.
Ashamed to say I'm already hooked on BB, I just love people watching, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Not really liking Charlie at the mo, can't say I've got a fav they're all a bit weird or annoying, apart from laura, I suppose.

Oh ! you're going to love this....just been called out into the kitchen to show my youngest how to cook pasta, he obviously has a very bad memory !!


Hi and welcome to my very first BLOG, I hope you find it interesting and inspirational and I hope to update regularly (work life permitting).

If anyone wants to give me tips then I'm all ears, I go steaming ahead and do these things and don't really understand how they work.

I've just read someone else's blog and thought yeah I can share my exploits with anyone who wants to read them.

I'll start with yesterday... we recently got a gorgeous new puppy (chocolate labrador) called Tyson who gets into all kinds of mischief but yesterday was the worst kind, i thought I'd pop in and see my mum before she went off to Prague, so I took the dog round there and he was happily bouncing around in the garden when all of a sudden she shouts out that he's eating RAT POISON !!! So minutes later we're at the vets, much to he's dismay, and two injections and £260.00 later he was feeling rather sorry for himself and so was I, I might add!! but pleased to say he's abso…