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Those of you who saw my Facebook post the other day knows that we've just got these gorgeous Stencils in.....and I just had to have a play....
So come on this quick little journey with me and create !!!
Here's what you'll need :-
KaiserCraft Love Quarters Template Lawn Fawn Hearts Die Heidi Swapp Color ShineI used Teal...Of course !!! Glamour Dust White Card Stock Black Card Stock Glue Pen Adhesive Foam Pads
Here's What You Do :-
Cut card stock to size to suit your folded card. Making sure black card Stock is slightly larger than white card stock
Place Template over white card stock and spritz with Color Shine Remove template. Cut hearts from white cardstock, layer them up and glitter the smaller ones on top with glamour dust, then adhere together. Mount on card with foam pads, then mount all the layers of card together.... AND...... Give yourself a pat on the back....You did it !!!!!
Designed by Marion Emberson for YOU Hugs Marion xxx


well.....technically we're not in Boston, but actually a place called Wesborough, which is near Natick which has a wonderful shopping mall AND Cheesecake Factory.
I don't want anyone being jealous and thinking 'oh she's soooo lucky' as I would just like to remind you it's near freezing, there's snow on the ground and rain in the clouds :) :)
The first class was taught to all the lovely reps yesterday, which meant we had to wait to have the room prepared...well, we couldn't wait around for them to do it so Richard took things into his own hands and tried to do his 'let's clear this table in one fell swoop'
It didn't work !!!!! LOL... This is the lovely Katie one of the Collins' girls making a quick exit....
So the class was taught and then we had to go to the airport and pick up the lovely Jen, who's joining us for the weekend. Richard was cold and needed a jumper so it was him who actually suggested the mall...YAY !!!! And what a…


2 NEW classes just Mixed Media ? You'll love these....

2 quick reminders....
1. We are closed Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday
2. We are still open and probably will be for another month or so...BUT, if you haven't filled up your loyalty card by the time we close, keep hold of it as I'm TRYING to find a way of putting in place a loyalty scheme on line and I will TRY and find a way of working the old one in with the new.... That's the fairest I can be and I hope you'll agree :) :) although if I can't come up with a solution, DON'T throw stones at me, after all it is a free service !!! If I can't find a way of working it, a new on line scheme will come into play and the shop loyalty cards will become NULL and VOID !! I am at the mercy of my web provider to implement this.
In the meantime we have a rather large order coming in soon, I can still add to it so if anyone has special requests a…