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With EXCITEMENT!!!! I want it ALL, was one comment of many from some of the fantastic shopaholics at ALLY PALLY.
It was an absolutely brilliant show, CREDIT CRUNCH ! what credit crunch???
If any of you are reading this THANK YOU for all your lovely comments, we put so much effort into getting the stand just right, it still amazes me how it takes us 5-6 hours to put it up and it comes down in 1.5 hours, but not without ALL the help I get, you GIRLS were FANTASTIC, SUPER, BRILLIANT and you made it such fun, even though I was a complete WIMP (THANKS BEV, BANANA FROG)! I got a wee bit ill on the Saturday and nurse Maggie MADE me take a bit of a rest in the car for half an hour, but I felt so guilty as the stand was PACKED nearly all day, sorry for those of you who couldn't even get onto the stand.
Sadly I still didn't feel good on Saturday night, so I didn't go out with the CTM girls, but our lot did and Oh! what a night I missed, but I'll not worry as one of the other girls …