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Showing posts from July 24, 2008


It was our last full day today, the sun was shinning bright so we went .............. to the cinema!!!
We saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth, I'm assuming it was meant to be tounge in cheek, as it was sooooo far fetched it was UNBELIEVABLE.
Then we went........Shopping, this time to the WOODFIELD MALL, but apart from some shoes for Ricky, I much preferred the WESTFIELD MALL, had a lovely lunch in Ruby Tuesday's. I don't think I could dare ask Rick to take me to another shopping mall, I do believe he's all shopped out, he's been an absolute DIAMOND driving me all over the place and I really mean ALL OVER THE PLACE.
So we're about to start packing getting ready for our journey back tomorrow, and then it will all be over and I'll be in the shop on Sunday. It seems like ages ago that I was at the show, I've already had confirmation that one company has shipped out. Boy that was quick!!!
Thanks for sharing with me and see you all soon. xxx