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Well it's nearly the beginning of the month and that means FREE STASH for one lucky BLOG FOLLOWER - so look out for your name, alternatively you can SUBSCRIBE to the posts so you'll know when it's been posted.
It was my first day back in the shop today and a lovely day I had too, THANK YOU....including tea and chocolate biccies...Mmmm.
I've been trying to go through with the girls all the newbie stuff coming in, and already I've forgot, how bad is that!!! But it makes it so much more exciting when it all comes in. I know there's Papers, flowers, albums, buttons, more buttons and more papers, oh and lots of bling, really nice bling, no seriously I mean REALLY NICE bling.
We're off to Stitches in a couple of weeks to buy more stash, shhh.... don't tell Ricky !!!
Whenever I manage to get home in time I have to watch Come Dine With Me on Channel 4, it's a MUST SEE even if only to listen to the narrator he is HILARIOUS
Anyway off to have my creme egg and cup …


Hi All
Well I'm back in the land of the living, just about anyway!!
I've been going over the yummies that I just HAD to buy for you.
We've got Jilli Bean Soup and Bella Blvd on their way, they are two great new companies for us, both completely different and both absolutely gorgeous. Scrap Within Reach had two new lines, so they are on their way, it's lovely to see such a small independant company growing. Some great new books, and BUTTONS Oh my!! we've got some yummy buttons on their way, and bling ribbon slides and ribbons and papers and.... oh jet lags kicking back in, you'll have to be as surprised as me when it all arrives at the end of Feb.
Perfect timing really, as we have our 20% off SALE on the weekend of 21st and 22nd Feb, so let's make room for all the new lovelies.
BIG THANKS to the girls for keeping the shop running tickety boo while i was gone and Mum, a great BIG HUG & KISS, you're a star!!!!


Hi everyone,
Well I've finally got the energy up to actually write this, and let me say there's a lot of lushious goodies out there.
Right picture this...... I'm in bed Shimelles' on my left and bev's on my right, they're talking about the stands they saw yesterday and I'm trying to type this, and of course I have to keep stopping and joining in, of course!!!
I've started the ordering, there's some great punches on the way from Fiskars along with other yummies from them, I've seen the most amazing BUTTONS, did you know I like BUTTONS??? they're so shiney and smooth, mmmmm!!!!
There's some great papers, of course, MLS are just brilliant this year and the new Jilli Bean papers, well Nina and Polly you'll LOVE these.
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night with the girls from ScrapaGoGo, Lovely girls!!! although I did happen to fall asleep at the table a couple of times.
This trip has been enlightening I have learnt or rather been …


I'll start with "LOVE" the FEBRUARY KIT is now on the site, click the link and you'll be taken right there, Oh boy, it's really LOVEly (get it, a little play on words there)!!! It's really jam packed with gorgeous lovelyness. Here's a peek

Now how many SUITCASES doed a girl need??? I'm trying to pack for CHA and whilst I haven't packed many clothes, no it's not a naturist kinda show, Gosh that would be awful!!!! I do need room to bring back some YUMMIES. Well just a few anyway.....
Our lovely TUESDAY NIGHT LADIES will understand this.... Bev your muffs are simply the best and we THANK YOU from our big fat bellies....keep baking Mama Muff !!!
And last but not least I'd like to introduce you to this gorgeous little bundle of joy...

Welcome to our world Amelia and CONGRATS Claire and Nick oh and lets not forget Nana Tina and Auntie Carly.
I'll be keeping you posted with the goings on at CHA, I already have two "dates" the first is at…


We've got a SUPER DUPER 20% off all shop stock SALE WEEKEND on 21st and 22nd FEBRUARY (The boring bits: it does not include special orders and you cannot redeem loyalty points) So come and join us and get yourself some yummy STASH for a lot less CASH.
Sorry to tell you that we've SOLD OUT of the gorgeous K & Co SWEET TALK, but we are trying to get more in, it's reallllllly NICE!!!
We have AT LAST received our orders of HEIDI GRACE and MY LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE, the HG is sooooo tactile you are permitted to have a STROKE.
I'm off to California on Friday to CHA, so if there's anything you want me to check out for you just drop me a line.
Thanks to all of you that took part in the POLL, I had a sneeky feeling KAISERCRAFT would come out on top, that's my favourite.
I'll be putting another poll on soon, it's interesting to see the outcome.
We've just released the FEBRUARY KIT in the shop (sorry not on the site yet)!! It's rather LUSH, Polly does put a g…


Hi ladies,
I forgot to say if you have the same name as another follower i.e. Pauline then make sure you're Pauline1, pauline2 ect, so we can tell you apart, or you'll be fighting over the stash, and we can't have that!!!!
A little bit about today, my plans got changed for my day off, so I went to the shop, locked the door and did a L/O, a card and a clear mini album, I'm back home now and feel completely chilled.
I'm just getting my software for my camera installed on my new laptop and then i can get more designs on here. BORING !!!!!


Oh what fun I've been having with the wonderful BANANA FROG STAMPS I can't wait to share with you.... but WAIT is what you'll have to do. On the 21st of every month I'll be publishing my design and showing the stamps that I've used, if there's any we haven't got in stock just let me know and I'll get them in for you.
You can click on Banana Frog's blog from the list on the right of "BLOGS I LOVE".
Now if you haven't already received the newsletter inviting you to become a SUGAR AND SPICE BLOG FOLLOWER just click on the link on the right "BECOME A FOLLOWER" and you'll be in with a chance to receive some YUMMY STASH.
Every month we'll be picking, at random, a lucky BLOG FOLLOWER to receive some FREE STASH, it's that simple!!!!


Well, I finally went back to work on Tuesday, although it has felt like I never even left, oh that's maybe because I didn't !!!!!
THANK YOU for all the lovely comments we've had these last couple of days, it's made all the HARD WORK worthwhile, and boy it was hard work!!!
I've been updating the website (adding more goodies), ordering in more goodies (don't tell Ricky, I promised "I wouldn't buy another thing") I do believe my fingers were crossed behind my back at the time! and DESIGNING a new cardmaking class, yes I've finally got my finger out, I was up at 5 this morning and sketched out some designs and so far so good, it's going to be all about CIRCLES.... hey Maggie if you're reading this I may even throw in a SQUARE RADIUS. LOL!!!
Nina's got some fantastic classes out, she's left me and Polly standing...... we'll have to hang our heads in shame.
I've now found my lead for the camera so I'll try and get some piccy&…


.......BANANA FROG....How exciting!!!!!
I've been chosen as a design team member for the SuperDuper Banana Frog That means I'm going to get to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with their brilliant stamps, Bev creates some of the freshest and most innovative designs out there..... I'm so excited!!!
Right, now I'm going to come back to reality as my new washing machine has arrived, thankfully Ricky's a plumber so that's a "job done", I have about 3 mountains of washing to get through, so i'm off to press some buttons and then cook meatballs....Oh Ricky's a lucky man !!!!!


Helen and Mark "popped" in to see us at the shop on Tuesday and although they may have wished they hadn't......I'm so glad they did. Let the organisation begin!!!! Helen's like a whirling dervish, she get things done at super speed and Mark and Ricky completely took apart 5, yes 5, paper stands and re-assembled them, this time the right way round, the instructions must have been upside down last time. Unsurprisingly Helen left with a headache, so i hope you're better and thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, whilst there's lots of doom and gloom around let's all think positive and maybe just maybe good things will start to happen, hey they can't get any worse!!!
What is it with 15 year olds that think they can hold their drink???? if it's not bad enough that they are profusely sick, they are profusely sick on your best friends lovely CREAM carpet!!! So I've been up most of the night checking on him and making sure he do…