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Since we opened our doors some 8 years ago we were graced with the presence of the lovely Linda Pease. I'm so sorry to have to say that she passed away recently, after struggling with so many obstacles.
She was a truly inspirational crafter and will be deeply missed by so many.
We would like to pass on our deepest condolences to her husband, family and friends.
Marion, Nina, Barbie, Barb, Adrienne and Megan xx

GO ON .... SHOW US !!!

Over on the QVC CRAFT FACEBOOK PAGE we've been sharing our craft spaces with each other and showing/confessing just how we craft and the neatness/messiness we work in.
It's really quite inspiring and quite nosey in a lovely way to be able to take a peek into other peoples lives. You may just pick up a storage tip or two !!!
This is my "utter chaos" area... Just look at the floor... disgusting !!! and as for the desk tops... well I know exactly where everything is !!
This one's a bit more organised !!
And this one's always organised, it's where I do my designing.. serenity comes to mind !!
So why don't you pop on over to the QVC Facebook Page and share, or leave a comment here with a link to your little piece of heaven
Off to sweep my floor now !!
Marion xx